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CPU CODE SCHOOL will train you to become 

an expert and profitable software developer.

At CPU CODE SCHOOL you will...
  • Learn Database, Windows, Web, and App programming

  • Get trained by instructor with 20+ years of experience in software development and teaching

  • Be mentored one-on-one to ensure your success

  • Do homework and take tests that are thoroughly reviewed and marked to measure progress


  • Write a lot of code and create software programs so that you learn by doing

  • Compile a portfolio of software programs and write a resume that showcases your skills


  • Be assisted in finding an internship and/or job

No software development experience necessary!


10-month training course

2 options

In this track you will join a group of students on an interactive video conference once a week. During the session, instructor and students see each other and work together.

Each session will begin with a review and hands-on coding, practice, or fun competition. This will be followed by students watching a session solo while having an instructor available for guidance and questions. Students will then be responsible to watch and do the work of an additional session throughout the week, to be reviewed at the next interactive session.

Tentative course start date is 9/4/2022. See below for schedule details.


In the video track you can start at any time and work at your own pace. The course includes 64 one-and-a-half hour sessions. The videos are engaging and interactive.

As in the live course, an instructor will be available upon request to answer your questions and clarify the material.


64 sessions comprise each track. Each session is followed by approximately one hour of homework, which will be thoroughly reviewed and marked. There will be tests, midterms, and finals that will demonstrate your progress. Throughout the course, you will also build up a portfolio of projects to showcase your work to potential employers.

To ensure your success, both courses include one-on-one mentoring. Whether you need review of a concept, further explanation, or some guided practice, your questions will be answered and your need for clarity addressed. As the course progresses, we will help you compose a resume to highlight your knowledge and expertise and guide you in preparing for job interviews. We are committed to your success.

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Be part of a group, watching the sessions and doing HW and projects at the same pace. Weekly interactive sessions using sophisticated virtual classroom technology creates an engaging and interactive experience.


Engaging video plus on-demand interaction with instructor will motivate you and ensure success.

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Our methodology is to learn and do, learn and do. Short bursts of instruction are followed by hands-on coding. Listen, absorb, practice, acquire.

Did you understand the instruction? Did you really get it? Challenging homework assignments will prove it. To sharpen your skills and to ensure that you are on track, instructors will review and critique your work. 

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Meet the lead



Hi, I'm Mordechai Gellis. I have been programming and training for the past eighteen years. As an independent consultant, I have worked for many clients in various industries.


I co-authored two books on software development (MCSD Test Success: Visual Basic 6 Distributed Applications, Visual Basic Developer's Guide to Uml and Design Patterns) and was a featured speaker at Microsoft Tech-Ed conference. 

I know what it takes to be an expert and successful developer. I am an articulate and patient instructor. I am committed to making you a successful and profitable software developer. See more about me at LinkedIn.com.


What is software development?

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Give coding a try!

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CPU CODE SCHOOL's "Taste of Coding" is a step-by-step mini tutorial that will allow you to experience the world of code.


Course Details


  • Commitment to work hard and maximize your brain power

  • Computer​

    • Windows 10

    • Webcam

  • No software development experience necessary​

New and Updated Curriculum

  • Programming Fundamentals

    • Syntax, Data Types, Variables, Logic, Control Flow​

  • Database​

    • Translate requirements into schema design

    • SQL​

  • Languages

    • C#​

  • Web​

    • Client side languages: React, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap​

    • Server side languages: ASP.net, MVC, REST web services

    • Markup Languages: JSON, XML

  • Mobile Apps

  • Cloud Computing using Microsoft Azure

  • Software Development Lifecycle

    • Requirements gathering​

    • Implementation

    • Quality Assurance

    • Roll out

    • Maintenance

Live Class Schedule

Registration for the Sept. 2022 live online with video instruction women's class is now open!

Class will be Sunday mornings 10:00 am-12:30 pm EST.


The cost for our new and improved video course is $15,000. Since it is currently in production, we are offering a 50% discount, bringing the price to $7,500.


The cost for the live course with video instruction is $13,500. Early bird discount for the first 5 participants is $12,500.

Video Course Schedule

In the video track you can start at any time and work at your own pace. The course includes 64 one-and-a-half hour sessions.


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